Full House

Canopy collections, London, UK
Group show
14.09 -> 01.10.2023

Pavilion Gallery at Cromwell Place
4 Cromwell Place
London SW7 2JE

Full House, an exhibition of new works by twenty-two international artists ranging from the emerging to some of the most established names in the contemporary art world.
A broad diversity of expressions, backgrounds and aesthetics unite here under one roof to represent the inclusive artistic approach that has been the focus of Canopy Collections for the past three years


David Batchelor, Charlotte Beaudry, Richard J, Butler, Thomas Cameron, Celeste, William Cobbing, Lara Davies, Benedikte Klüver,
Sarah Lederman, Anastasia Lopoukhine, Daniel MacCarthy, Ellie MacGarry, James William Murray, Irvin Pascal, Dan Rees,
William Stein, Marianne Thoermer, Grace Tobin, lan Whittlesea, Aethan Wills, Salomé Wu


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