Until the walls became the world all around

Van Gogh House London
Group show
01.07 -> 01.09.2021

87 Hackford Rd, London SW9 0RE, United Kingdom


Charlotte Beaudry, Emma Dudlyke, Ellie MacGarry, Duncan Morris, William Cobbing, Rose Davey, Francesca Anfossi

Exhibition curated by Canopy collection

Hosted by the Van Gogh House in Brixton, London, this collection was displayed and photographed in the historic home where Vincent van Gogh lived in the early 1870s. The selection brings together over thirty works by seven international artists, and embraces our yearning for change, hope and new dreams. Comprising painting, photography, ceramics and works on paper, the works here focus on providential representations of daily life: blossoming flowers, a brand new haircut, breakfast in bed, lunch on a sunny terrace. We are delighted to collaborate with Brussels-based artist Charlotte Beaudry, whose paintings most often depict objects borrowed from popular culture and the world of celebrity. Filling the entire composition, her subjects are portrayed as if suspended in a state of isolation. Such ideas resonate with Ellie MacGarry’s paintings, which foreground fleeting and intimate moments involving the body and its everyday transformations. The everyday is also central to Duncan Morris’s paintings of interiors, as they capture past visions of familiar and comforting moments. In her photographs of allotment scenes, Emma Dudlyke invites us to take a stroll in the midst of a blooming nature. From worn tarpaulin to stripped down poppies and bright blue skies, every single detail is documented as a sight of glory and delight. Until the Walls Became the World All Around also presents a new selection of paintings by Rose Davey and ceramic book covers by William Cobbing, along with Francesca Anfossi's most recent ceramic objects.


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